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The Little Lapp Vision

We believe in little things - and that the little things make a big difference!

It all started with an interest in finding natural, healthy products for our family --- when we found things we loved we would often share them with others. Over time, we realized there are many other people also interested in the little things we were making --- and we started selling to others. If we sell it, it means that we use it and love it! In fact, we are so sure that you will love it too, that we guarantee your satisfaction with every item we sell --- if you don't like it - we will buy it back!!

We believe in together - and love seeing the whole family working together!

Producing these products are family projects - the big events like honey extraction require everyone's help all day, while the smaller projects can be worked on with just a few people. The older children build bee equipment, bottle honey & make candles, while the younger ones can feed the animals, pull the weeds & put labels on containers. Your purchase today helps us keep each of our family members involved and working together!

We believe in friendships - and love opportunities to learn from others!

We aren't scientists, everything we do we have learned from others, and we (usually) are happy to share what we've learned with others. We also love to learn new things from our friends. Do you have an idea of something we should do different? Let us know! Don't see it here, but know that we make it??  Give us a call! Just want to chat? We'd love to hear from you! Stop in and see us or call us today at 662-788-2549!